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Welcome to Invictus Defense Academy

Welcome to Invictus Defense Academy! We take pride in providing you with the toughest and most realistic self defense system, that you can best defend yourself and others around you.

By training with Chris and his team of coachs, you are getting the most up to date Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Self Defense training anywhere in the world.

Founder of The Invictus Fighting System Chris Green created the system after seeing multiple holes within Krav Maga organizations who have become too flashy or have failed to evolve with real world violence and conflict. Chris wanted to make a system that brought together the most effective striking and self defense that benefit each other. With the devistating striking of Muay Thai and its use of punches, kicks, knees, elbows, clinch work and throws, paired with the tactics and principles of Krav Maga and the safe and effective use of concealed carry tactical skills, comes a system unlike any other out there.

An all around fighting and self defense system that seeks to bring three different systems together and unite them as one complete self defense system!

Want to train sport only? AWESOME! But that will only carry you so far when it comes to interpersonal violence and conflict managment. The invictus Fighting System has the answers that will protect you, your family and others!

No matter what your goal is, Self Defense or Fitness, we have what you need and want!

You will not find this level of instructorship anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.

Chris Green

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Debra Criss

Women's Coach|View Details

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