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Consistency, Time, Intensity and Results

Jan 18, 2017

You say you want results.... but how committed are you?

People all too often come to us and tell us how much they want to get in shape, feel better, train like Jason Bourne, feel more confident, and a whole list of other goals. And we are motivated to help you achieve your goals! The initial motivation of people joining our facility is what gets us out of bed in the morning and makes us burn the midnight oil into the night with lesson planning so that we can provide you every ounce of knowledge we can. You are the reason we do what we do.

But all too often we see people quickly begin to fade away. Why is this? Because in order to get results they actually have to work for it! People sweat, they work muscles that we don’t use often in today’s sedentary society. In today's instant gratification society, people want so badly for that magic pill. They search fervently for that "quick fix" or the 20-minute (insert body part here) routine that every fitness and health magazine pushes. They hunt YouTube for something they believe they can accomplish in their living room. The result of live training at a martial arts academy are muscle soreness, the fatigue, the breathlessness, and we aren’t used to this! We sit in cubicles, cars and on couches and live inactive lives. We may go to a conventional gym, but in the end, we work the body parts that we want to, mix in flexing in the mirror, getting self conscious or trying out the newest workout fad. People don’t want to undergo the discomfort of transformation but rather just have it happen. The cold hard truth is, that method is all shit and we have the mainstream fitness industry and media to blame.

We have to view training as more than just a workout. You have to think of your physical and mental transformation as a journey and not a chore. You have to learn how to be comfortable with discomfort. It’s more than just a check in the box for our daily “to do” list. We have to transcend the social construct forcing us to obsess over body aesthetics by having the perfectly sculpted body of a Greek god or goddess. Here is a little known secret. People who are in the magazines are air brushed and the rock hard bodies we see on Instagram are that way from a very specific training and diet regimen! These are very dedicated athletes that have made a career out of sculpting the body in a manner for branding purposes.

But where does that leave us as the Average Joe and Jane? That leaves us wondering why we don’t see these same epic results in a very short amount of time. How do they do it? And the answer is a simple math equation. CONSISTENCY + TIME + INTENSITY = RESULTS. Which simply means, if we put in maximum effort over time, we will reap rewards beyond belief.

People will often put in the intensity, but rarely add the consistency or time. How many of you have gone for a run and got home and thought, "Well I overestemated myself on that one!" and then you couldn't walk for a couple days because of the muscle soreness. Maybe you tried out a group fitness class or started P90X or something and went all out and in the end you simply hurt? A friend and mentor of ours hails from Hungary. He pointed out the phenomenon of American fitness this way. He said, "Only in America do you gague the quality of your workout by how tired and 'wasted' you feel at the end." He also stated that in many other languages they don't have a word for "workout" and that they simply say "training". Because that is exactly what they are doing! Training to improve the function of the human form!

Simply put, we need the entire equation in order to get the results that are desired. If we don’t commit to putting this equation into motion in our everyday life, we will either fail or merely “get by.” This equation does not simply apply to fitness or self-defense. It applies to all things worth earning and achieving in life. It could be earning that promotion at work, learning a new language, chasing a college degree, or developing a relationship. The application of Consistency + Time + Intensity = Results is as exact as science (that’s an unverified science at this time)!

Our own student, Steve G. posted on his Instagram a few weeks ago a testimonial about the results of his training. "About a year ago I decided I wanted to be in better functional shape and get back into martial arts/ self defense. Through God's grace my search led me to Chris and the team at Invictus Defense Academy. One year and hundredsof training hours later, in a certified P2 and 40 pounds lighter!Couldn't be more excited to see where 2017 will lead in respect tofitness at Invictus Defense Academy." Steve is VERY consistenttraining three to four times a week for one to two hours at a time,and over time he’s yielded fantastic results.

This is your time for you to do some basic life changing math! We will pour everything we have into you, if you are willing to put in the time, consistency and intensity! You too can reap the same results as Steve and many of our other members who train with us. This is your time. Lets do this together.

Steve showing off his results

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